Pine River Drama and Choir

The Pine River Drama and Choir students made a triumphant return to the stage, under the direction of Jessica Gardner, and student director Rebecca Ankney, with an exhilarating performance of “The Dastardly Doctor Devereaux!”

The premise of this delightfully, dastardly tale revolves around the passing of Hanover D. Cash, and the fate of his tremendous fortune and the future of his prominent medical clinic.

Dr. Dogsbreath Devereaux, (Jacob Johnson), a resident M.D. of the clinic, forsakes his Hippocratic oath in pursuit of capital gain by attempting to woo Hanover’s widow, Lotta Cash (Stephanie Ashcroft). His dastardly plan turns even more dark when he enlists an accomplice, Nurse Hilda Hatchet (Carrie Coons) to help him dispose of the widow, should his plan to marry her be successful.

Complicating this plot is Wendy March (Shelby North), a newly minted nurse at the clinic with a mysterious past that turns out to have a serious impact on the outcome of this villainous tale.

The story line takes dizzying twists and turns as a love interest begins to evolve between Nurse Wendy and the valliant Dr. Phil Good (Cody Bradburn). Paralleling their romantic interludes is a roller-coaster relationship between Nurse Ivy Dripp (Hannah Waters) and the Handsome Orderly (Wade Fullerton).

As the play proceeds, the story is made more robust by the representation of the daily activities of the medical clinic. The clinic’s P.A. system (Carissa Yeomans) constantly drones, paging medical staff with witty names like “Midwife Ketcham” that elicited giggling throughout the auditorium.

Patients pass in and out of scenes with comical medical issues, such as the cowboy stuntman (Gretchen Geer) that has no idea he has been shot with an arrow. Or the pregnant woman on the verge of childbirth (Kenzie Ruppert) that insists that the appointed moment is desperately near.

Jacob Johnson ruled the stage with an animated portrayal of a villian that was most vaudevillian in nature, while Carrie Coons kept the audience rolling with laughter as she ranted and raved during all of the Doctor’s wooing and womanizing.

Some additional highlights of this dark and humorous musical were phenomenal performances by Mia Nichols and Hunter Ashcroft, who’s wonderful character acting left me feeling like I stepped right into the Bronx of the 1930’s!

All in all, the play was a smashing success, leaving the audience with confidence that they can expect great things from the students of Pine River High, and in that, they will never be dissapointed!

~Jeff Geer

Pine River Drama and Choir

Pine River Drama and Choir scene from the play.Pine River Drama and Choir scene from the play.Winter 201620170423_0273