Pine River MS/HS Newsletter for January and February


Buck for Newsletter




In the new year, please remember that three weeks remain in the first semester.  What this means for your student is that the cumulative number of absences and tardies will not reset until January 22, 2018, the start of the new semester.  The semester grades also will determine if credit is earned and are used to calculate grade point average (gpa).  Semester grades are weighted based on marking periods and exam.  The two marking periods are 45% of the semester grade with the exam counting at 10%.  An example would be the following:  “Suppose a student earns a 50% for marking period #1, 65% for marking period #2, and 65% on the final exam.”  The semester #1 grade would be calculated by the following weighted average:    (50×45 + 65 x45 + 65×10) / 100= 58.25%.  This percentage equates to a letter grade of “F” for the first semester meaning that student lost ½ credit for the subject.  Please take the time to have this discussion with your student and take the time to look at grades via parent portal.  Also, emphasize that it is important to attend during these three weeks and use good study habits to prepare.   Also related to first semester grades is the fact that if a student does not make up a major summative or three minor summatives during marking period #2 by the given deadline, the student’s grade for that marking period automatically becomes an “F” for that subject area regardless of the current grade.


I would like to thank the Leadership Class and all the students grades 8-12 for doing a wonderful job on creating gift baskets for residents of our school district who did not have a lot of family around to help celebrate Christmas.  This was a new initiative developed in coordination with the Leadership Class, some local churches and myself.  The students used the first part of the half day before Christmas Break to complete the baskets and decorate them.  I would like to extend thanks to the kitchen staff for ordering and baking the sugar cookies to put in the gift baskets.  We have had a lot of positive feedback and hopefully we can continue this next year and make it a yearly tradition of community service!  Below is a picture of some of the baskets that were handed out.



IMG_3235 (1)


Looking forward, your student’s schedule may change a little, which is normal during this time.  Mr. Phillips is working hard to make sure schedules are up to date and current.  Please be patient as we end the first semester and start the second semester.  Please remember we still have Help Desk available three times a week.   Keep visiting the PR Facebook page for any important announcements and communication.  The yearly parent community survey should be out sometime in February.  Please take the time to fill out the survey.  It provides valuable information that as a district we need to evaluate our programs and to determine what we need to improve upon.  The next page contains our important dates for January and February not including athletic events.





Buck for Newsletter



 January 3:  First day back from Christmas Break

                   Edmentum Testing Window opens


January 5:  Sophomore Class Ring Presentation ( 11 am – 12:30 pm)


January 10:  MSBOA HS Honors Band


January 11:  Herff Jones:  Sophomore place Class Ring orders (11- 12:30 pm and 3 – 5 pm)


January 12:  Career Prep Academy @ 11:30 AM


January 15: NO SCHOOL (MLK Day)


January 16:  OYAC @ Evart starting at 12 pm


January 18:  Semester Exams Begin!!  Exam Schedule will be coming soon!!


January 19:  Testing window for Edmentum Closes

                     FIRST SEMESTER ENDS!!!




January 26:  Hall of Fame Ceremony (Game starts at 6 pm)—Game will feature Varsity girls playing first then Varsity Boys.





February 5:  NHS Blood Drive from 6 am to 2:30 pm


February 5-9: Snowfest Week


February 9: Snowfest Assembly during 7th hour and crowning of King and Queen during half of the Basketball game


February 10:  Snowfest Dance from 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm


February 13:  Careers Conference for Women





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