New District Attendance/Tardy Policy

As of January 22, 2018 a new district policy regarding attendance and tardiness has been passed by the Pine River Board of Education.  Below is a brief summary of the changes.   Any questions please contact the administrator at your student’s building.



Students can miss at most 11 days in a semester.  Letters will be sent out after 6 absences, 9 absences, and a final letter after 12 absences.  A student who is close to 12 or more absences may recover the days they are over by attending Saturday School or acceptable means of makeup determined as a result of meeting with administration.  Please note at 12 or more absences in a class may result in total loss of credit for the course.


Absences that DO NOT count towards the 11 absences include the following:  Any absences sponsored by the school or school-related event such as field trips, sporting events, educational conferences or competitions, and college visits.  Suspensions will not count towards the allowable 11 absences.  Finally if medical documentation is provided for the day or time of absence, it will not count towards the 11 absences.   This may included appointments to the doctor, therapist, psychologist, specialist, dentist, orthodontist, optometrist, or other medical-related fields.  All other absences will count towards the 11 days, whether they are excused or not excused.  Any exceptions will be per administration discretion.  


All students have more than enough time (4 minutes) to get from one class to another during the day.  If a student is kept after due to teacher action, they should be excused for the tardiness.  If they are in the office, students should not be marked tardy.  Other than this, if students are not in the class ready to learn when the bell rings they will be marked tardy.

The following are consequences for excessive tardiness:

1st Tardy:  Warned by the office

2nd-3rd Tardy:  Lunch detention or similar consequence

4th-6th Tardy:  One day suspension, mandatory parent meeting, truancy officer contacted, possible loss of credit in class may be applied as part of discipline.

8 or more times tardy:  This will considered persistent disobedience and consequences are based on administrator discretion (may incluDe, but not limited to increased days of out school or in-school suspension, loss of privileges to attend extra-curricular events, dances, field trips, etc.)








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