5th Grade Goes to the Symphony!

78 Pine River 5th graders and 8 staff attended the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra at DeVos Performace Hall today in Grand Rapids, thanks to the planning of our very own Elementary Music Director, Tiyi Schippers.
Musically, students have been learning about the sections of the orchestra, how to conduct in different meters and even participated in a “symphony member trading card” activity prior to the event.
Artistically, Mrs. Klein worked with students to create works of art based on the Rimsy-Korsakov  Sheherazade Suite that were displayed during the concert.
Only one student had been to a symphony prior to today and another shared that he was excited to find his musician on the stage.
As the opening music from Star Wars started, students were startled by the sound, but quickly attended to the orchestra with smiles and claps.
Our students were well prepared and thus the most attentive and well behaved in our section. The conductor announced that students can attend any Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra for only $5!
A big buck thank you to Ms.Schippers, Mrs. Klein, our drivers and the 5th-grade teachers for giving our students this opportunity!
Together…destined for greatness!