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March 1 and 2:  Individual Wrestling Finals at Ford Field

March 7:  Varsity Boy’s Basketball district game at Montabella starting at 7 pm

March 8:  Movie and Dance night  for grades (4-7)

Band Festival for Middle School/High School Bands at McBain

March 9:  Sophomores obtain ordering information for class rings at 9:30 am in front lobby

March 12:  Spring sports practices begin for grades 9-12, please have physical on file

                  4th grade vision screening

 March 13:  Parent Teacher Conference for grades 4-12 from 4 – 7 pm.

                  5th grade vision screening


March 14:  7th grade vision screening


March 15:  Juniors attend Mid – Michigan Community College

March 20:   5th grade DNR Turkey Talk

March 22:  Sophomores place class ring order during lunch or after school until 5:00 pm

March 23:  HALF-DAY with dismissal at 11:15, no lunch provided this day

                  End of 3rd marking period

                   Spring Break begins after 11:15 am

March 26:  Students who are attending the trip to Mexico depart



April 5: 5th grade play

 April 10:  SAT test for juniors and PSAT for grades 9 and 10. 

               Seniors leave and return late at night for senior trip to Detroit

                8th graders leave for a day trip to tour CTC and return in the afternoon

 April 11:  Juniors take the ACT Work keys test

                MSTEP ELA for grade 8

 April 12:  MSTEP ELA for grade 8

               Band trip to see Lion King

 April 13: MSTEP Social Studies for grade 8

 April 16:  11th grade Science MSTEP

               11th grade Social Studies MSTEP

 April 17:  MSTEP Math for grade 8

 April 18:  MSTEP Math for grade 8

 April 19: MSTEP Science for grade 8

 April 21:  MSBOA Middle School Solo and Ensemble

 April 23:  SAT Makeup

 April 24:  SAT Makeup

 April 24-27:  Grade 8 MSTEP Makeups

 April 26:  Sophomores attend CMU

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