Pine River Middle-High School Happenings for August-October, 2018


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Welcome Back!!

As the band is practicing for the upcoming season and fall sports are well underway, it is time to prepare for the start of a new school year.  This summer has been extremely busy re-sodding the football field, putting in new goal posts, landscaping, installing new cameras and sound system, and trying to finalize bond construction from last summer.    I would like to thank all community members for their support and patience during the construction process. I would also like to thank maintenance/custodial staff, along with other staff of Pine River Area Schools for working together to get the building ready for the start of the school year.   I would like to welcome two new members to the 6-12 staff:  Donald Phillips (High School English) and Amy Peterson (Special Education).  

A new school year brings with it excitement, anticipation, and maybe a little apprehension.  Parents please discuss with your children how the new school year is going for them.  A change in the 6-12 building will be the switch to a  semester grade reporting system. No more marking periods.  Progress reports will be sent at weeks 9 and 27 during the year and report cards at end of each semester.   This change should help track eligibility and attendance more efficiently while keeping everyone up-to-date better on student progress.

I would like to take a moment to point out a few pieces of pertinent information to students.  One pertains to freshman and the other to all students. The beginning of high school for freshman sometimes can be difficult because of the high school curriculum, grades do count towards earning a diploma, budgeting time, and making good decisions.  One thing new that I would like to do to help prepare freshman and their parents is conducting a freshman orientation type of presentation during the open house time on August 29. It is my hope to run a presentation at 4:30 and one at 5:30 pm. The leadership class has put together a video to illustrate expectations and experiences of a high school student.   I am hoping to add some information to help better prepare freshman and parents. The other information pertains to changes in the student hand book. Some of the changes occurred last year including grading policy and tardy/attendance policy. Please review these with your students. The change in the hand book that is very pertinent is the cell phone policy. The change will be that no cell phones will be allowed in the classroom.  Phones must be in lockers except at lunchtime, when students can access them.  Students will be able to check their phones in between classes but will not be able to bring them in the classroom.  A significant and progressive set of consequences will be implemented if students fail to adhere to this policy.

A list of dates for August, September, and October will follow this newsletter.  These dates will include important information/activities in the 6-12 building. Because we are not quite back to  school in August, a couple of dates in August to be mindful of are: Chrome book distribution on August 21 and 22 from 4:30 – 6 pm, open house from 4:30-6:30 on August 29, and tailgate party on August 30.    School pictures will be Friday, September 7, 2018.  This picture will be the picture for seniors on the composite that hangs in the main hallway, so dress appropriately and be prepared that day.   

Food service would like to announce the following changes for 2018-19:  breakfast for $1.25 for grades 6-12 and free for grades K-5, lunch for $2.40 for grades 4-12, lunch for $2.10 for grades k-3, and milk has increased to $0.40 for all grades.   The price for reduced breakfast and lunch will be the same as last year, $0.30 and $0.40 respectively.  In order to be fiscally responsible Pine River Area Schools has the following charge policy for school lunch/breakfast:  students will not be allowed to charge more than twenty dollars ($20) for meals.  Reduced or full pay students with outstanding accounts may continue to receive a regular breakfast or lunch provided a payment of $20.00 or more is made within the last ten school days.  Students with delinquent accounts and outstanding balances in excess of $20.00 will be issued a government approved, alternative meal only.  

Lastly, the drop off times for bussed  students in the morning will be 15 minutes later than last year.  This change will allow students more time to sleep and hopefully provide more energy throughout the day to learn.  This change would get students at the 4-12 buildings roughly around 8:00 am.

The next page will have important dates for August, September, and October.  Although, I typically will not include athletic dates on the newsletter, I am going to do so for this football season.  Homecoming will be October 5, 2018.  The parade will be at LeRoy this year starting approximately 3:30 or 3:45 pm.   The Homecoming Dance will be October 6 at the high school.  September 14, 2014 will be parent’s night for senior football players and marching band / color guard members.  Students will be notified as the date gets closer to homecoming of the spirit week theme and powderpuff date as well.  


August Dates

Aug. 21 and 22:  Chromebook distribution from 4:30 – 6:30 pm

Aug. 29:  Open House:  K-3 Bldg (4 – 6 pm) and 4-12 Bldg. (4:30 – 6:30 pm)

Aug. 30:  Tailgate Party (4:30 – 6:30 pm)

September Dates

September 4:  First Day of School


September 14:  Senior Night for senior football players and marching band/color guard members

September 22:  NHS Adopt a Highway 9 am to 1 pm

October Dates:

October 1:  Half-Day for Students, dismissal at 11:15 ( no lunch served) and Marching Band Festival at Cadillac

October 3:  Pupil Count Day

October 5:  Homecoming Parade at LeRoy approximately 3:30 or 3:45 pm

   Homecoming Game (7 pm) versus Manton

October 6:  Homecoming Dance at Pine River High School

October 10:  PSAT/NMSQT Testing for Juniors only and Band Festival at Reed City

October 19:  NHS Blood Drive at Pine River High School Gymnasium

October 23:  Marching Band Invite at White Cloud

October 25:  Parent Teacher Conference for grades 6-12 and half-day for students with dismissal at 11:15 am ( no lunch served)

October 26:  Half-Day for Students, dismissal at 11:15 am (no lunch served)

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