Project E.L.F.

Project E.L.F.Mr. Chilson’s 5th-grade class was thrilled this morning to discover that the materials for Project E.L.F. had arrived in their classroom over the weekend.  Project E.L.F. stands for Endangered Lake Fish and allows the students to raise an endangered species of Cichlids from Africa’s Lake Victoria in the classroom.  This exciting activity was made possible through the Osceola County Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council Mini-Grant Program.  During the first stage of this program, 5th-grade students will be setting up the tank to mimic the environmental conditions of Lake Victoria, closely monitoring the ph and ammonia levels in the water, and researching cichlid behavior. Once this is completed, they will be eagerly waiting for the arrival of their fish. The goal of Project E.L.F. is to raise a thriving number of this endangered species and then pass them on to other classes that can help continue saving their population.