Recognizing the National Junior Honor Society PRAS 2018 cohort

Tonight, students in 6th-8th grade, were recognized at an induction ceremony for their achievements in the 5 pillars that the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is based on: character, scholarship, service, citizenship and leadership. Current NJHS officers spoke about each trait and defined each through personal stories and experiences. Ms. Jessica Gardner, Band Director and guest speaker, challenged the group to not allow “good enough” to be good enough, inviting members to view membership as a “call to action”, as it is not just about academics, but rather, a student needs to embody all 5 aspects to become a member. “It (pillar) is a thing of strength used to hold something up,” she announced. “Without each of the pillars in a structure, the structure would fail. The same is true of the pillars of NJHS.”

Thank you to the current NJHS members and advisor Mrs. Teri Cosgrove for planning and organizing this evening for the new inductees, family members and staff. Together, destined for greatness!

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