What To Know About Vaping: Ten16 Recovery Network

Shay Tullar, from Ten16 Recovery Network in Big Rapids, presented to our staff and students about the dangers of vaping. Here’s what we thought you should know, too:

Several decades ago, the Tobacco companies began making billions of dollars on a lie. Cigarettes were the way to be cool, the way to feel better, and they were harmless. Now, we know the truth behind those lies. Cancer, lung disease, heart attacks, COPD, and asthma are just a few of the many negative side effects that smokers can suffer from. In recent years, as the dangers of cigarette smoking became a fact that they could no longer dispute, the Tobacco industry has seen its profits dwindle as more and more people chose to stop smoking to save their health.

Today, there’s a new “Big Tobacco” in town, and we know it as Vaping. Without the restrictions and regulations that Big Tobacco must adhere to, the Vaping movement has exploded in recent years due to the belief that it’s a ‘safer, less harmful, less addictive’ option to smoking. Marketed to our youth, and advertised online and in magazines they are most likely to use, vaping has become the cool new trend for our younger generation, and they are sold in a variety of easy-to-conceal forms that embolden our kids to carry them in public, including inside of our schools. Tobacco companies are buying into this business, and many of the harmful marketing trends from the past are taking life once again.

What can we do? Awareness and education are the first steps. We are dispelling the myths around vaping, making our kids and the public aware of the dangers of using these products. They are not safe, containing many of the same chemicals as cigarettes, and in even higher concentrations. Another important step is educating our parents and educators about the current products that are available to our youth, and creating an understanding of how this trend is impacting our kids’ health and their perception of the dangers involved. There are many resources available to parents like the one found below. You can be the first step in helping us keep our kids safe!


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