MS-HS Happenings for March and April




As we approach the months of March and April let’s hope that mother nature provides better weather than in the months of January and February.  Varsity winter sports are coming to an end. The wrestling team made it to the state finals for a third consecutive year. They were defeated by Hudson on day #1.  The varsity boys basketball team fell to Manton in the district finals capping off a 10-12 year. The varsity girls basketball team will play Lake City Wednesday, March 6, 2019 starting at 7:30 at Farwell High School.  Spring practices will begin for varsity and JV sports on March 11, 2019. Please make sure if your child is participating in a spring sport that they have a physical on file.


As the second semester starts, please discuss with your student their grades and the effort it takes to be successful in school and life.  During the first semester, some students failed courses due to incomplete grades. Students had two weeks after exams to address their incomplete grades.  Unfortunately, many did not and failed. In most instances all students had to do was complete a project or three paragraph paper.  In all cases, students had more than enough time to complete these requirements but chose not to.  Please keep this in mind when second semester ends, that students only have one week after the semester ends to address and finish their incomplete. To try to remedy this, I am hoping to work with students early either assigning lunch help desk, assign Saturday School, or attend in-house suspension until incomplete is addressed.  Please stay involved and monitor your student’s academic progress.


Some important events happening in March are:  parent teacher conferences for grades (8-12) in the cafeteria from 4:30 – 7 pm, students completing answer documents for SAT/PSAT and Workkeys, group coming from Grand Rapids presenting on cell phones and other technology, vaping presentation from MSP trooper Lucha, Spring Break (March 25 -29, 2019), MSBOA  for band in March and April, PSAT/SAT testing on April 9 with Workkeys on April 10, MSTEP testing beginning on April 16, various trips to colleges and CTC, and Good Friday on April 19.  The High School Musical will be performing on April 12 at 7pm, April 13 at 7 pm and April 14 at 2 pm.  The play will be at LeRoy Elementary and is titled, “Rogue of the Railway”


On a final note, a letter from the superintendent has been posted on the website with information pertaining to the MOMO challenge found on the internet.  Please take time to read the letter and discuss this with your children. While it seems to be causing more fear or concern among younger students, it is is still wise to discuss the internet and being responsible when accessing the internet.  


March Dates

Mar. 4: Vaping presentation for grades 9-12 at 2:15 pm

Mar. 7: Parent Teacher Conferences for grades 8-12 from 4:30 to 7 pm in the cafeteria

Mar. 8: Sophomore early college meeting at 2:30

Mar. 15: Sophomores to Baker College and Juniors to Mid-Michigan College

Mar. 16: MSBOA State Solo and Ensemble

Mar. 19: 8th grade tour to CTC and MSBOA HS All Star Band performing in Cadillac

Mar. 20: 11th grades complete Workkeys/SAT answer documents

Mar. 21: PSAT Answer Documents filled out and Protect Young Eyes presentation to grades K-7

Mar. 22: Makeup Anwer Documents completed

Mar. 22: Half-day with student dismissal at 11:15, no lunch served

March 23 – 31:  Spring Break, no school


April  Dates

April 1 and 2: PSAT/SAT/Workkeys Answer Documents Makeup

April 9: SAT/PSAT test for grades 8-11 all day

April 10:  Workkeys testing for juniors

April 12:  HS Musical at 7pm @ LeRoy Elementary

April 13: HS Musical at 7 pm @ LeRoy Elementary

April 14:  HS Musical at 2 pm @ LeRoy Elementary

April 13: MSBOA Middle School Solo and Ensemble

April 16: MSTEP Testing for 8th grade and juniors

April 19: Good Friday, No School

April: 24: Juniors to Ferris State

April 25: NHS Blood Drive

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