3rd Grade Visits Mackinac Island!

Our 3rd Graders got to go on an AMAZING field trip on June 6th and 7th to Mackinac Island! As some 3rd Graders said, “It was the best two days ever!” The trip included going over the Mackinac Bridge, as many students had never done that, riding the ferry over to the island, going on a carriage tour of the island, going to the fort, staying overnight at the Murray Hotel, getting ice cream, and so much more! It was an unforgettable trip for sure. A huge thank you goes to Mrs. Dennis, Mrs. Powell, and Mrs. Thompson for planning the trip, to Janice Knapp and Jodi Dery for driving the bus and chaperoning, to PR staff for going on the trip, to all of the parents that chaperoned, and to the community for their support. Each and every one of you made this a trip these kids will never forget. What an honor to be part of a school that cares so much and creates memories like these for their students. PRoud To Be a Buck!

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