College Credit

We offer opportunities to earn college credit while in high school for students who are college ready based on their PSAT or SAT scores.  These opportunities include:

1. Baker College Direct Credit- Students take Baker College classes offered on our campus by our teaching staff.

2. Early College- Students who are in specific Career Technical Center programs may apply for Early College. If accepted, they stay enrolled in Pine River for a 13th year, take a full schedule at Baker College that year, and graduate high school with both a high school degree and an associates degree in their field of study.  See the Early College page of the Wexford-Misaukee ISD for more information.

3. Dual Enrollment- Students can take classes either at Baker College, Ferris State, or online for college credit.  Students or parents may have to provide transportation.

Students interested in any of these opportunities should see the high school counselor for additional information.