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Pine River Area Schools
             4-7 Building Newsletter               

                             June 14th, 2019       



We have made it to the end of the 2018-2019 school year! Although I am sure families, students and staff are excited for what the summer will bring, there is also a bittersweet feeling when students go home for the last time; as we have watched each grow, learn and we hope, as you do, that we have made a lasting, positive impact.  Best wishes to our 7th graders headed into 8th grade and we will be here welcoming our new 4th graders soon. Have a great summer!


4th: Kyle David has all the qualities that a true student needs. He is always on task and works hard to complete challenging work. Kyle shows poise and integrity as a Pine River Buck. Many students look to him for leadership and assistance. Thank you Kyle for making this a great year.


5th:  River Dagen has developed into a responsible leader in the 5th grade this year.  He is a student full of poise and integrity, consistently doing the right thing even in difficult situations.  His choice to promote the safety of the school over what other students think about him make him someone that other students can look up to and emulate!  He will definitely be a leader in 6th grade next year!


6th:   Hailey Levarn has resiliency.  Hailey does an amazing job of working to understand any

new things she is asked to learn.  She seeks clarification for any misunderstandings too.


7th:  Emily Lockhart shows great poise in the classroom, but truly anywhere she is.  Emily is always the first to volunteer and helps out when she sees any need. Her smile is contagious and so is her PR pride.





If you have not yet purchased a yearbook and you would like one, please stop by the Middle School Office or send an envelope with $15.  We do have a limited quantity available.





Baker College will be offering STEM camp for girls going into 6th, 7th and 8th grade on June 27th & 28th.  This will give girls the chance to experiment with STEM careers in a safe, inspiring environment.



Luther Library has a fun-filled Summer Reading Program planned for the summer!  “A Universe of Stars” is the theme. The program will begin on Friday, July 12th at 1:00 pm.  Read and participate weekly to earn “reading bucks” to spend at the “Library Store”. Children ages 5-17 can sign up for the program.  Pre-registration is beginning on July 1st for extra reading bucks!



If your child would like to play Pine River flag football and/or Pop Warner football for grades 1-6, please pick up a packet in the Middle school office.



If  the Middle School office has housed some personal items for your student this year, such as tylenol, please remember to pick them up at the end of the school year.  New documentation will need to be completed when new items are brought in at the start of the new school years.


HOME VISITS: (current 6th graders, which will be our next years 7th graders!)

This summer, we would love to get to know the soon-to-be leaders of our building and their families on a new level with HOME VISITS!  The home visits would allow us to set-up their leadership goals for the year, as well as getting to know them a bit better. If you have a student that will be in the 4th or 7th grade during the 2019-2020 school year, please click HERE.


LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Monday, June 17 (1/2 day).  

Please know that having your students here is of the utmost importance for us to meet the mandatory days needed for the MDE.  Without hitting the attendance level for this day, our school community will lose out on a lot of funding, so we hope to see all of our students finish strong and we thank you for your support of Pine River Area Schools.  



June 17  Exams for 6/7

                4th and 5th grade awards (parents welcomed) @ 8:20-8:55 am
                PANCAKEPALOOZA- 4-7th grade students and families @ 9 -10 am

  6th & 7th Grade awards (parents welcomed) @ 10-11:15 am
  Last Day of School – Half Day – Dismissal at 11:15 a.m.  – No Lunch Served  

  6th & 7th Grade awards (parents welcomed) @ 10-11:15 am
  Last Day of School – Half Day – Dismissal at 11:15 a.m.  – No Lunch Served