Standardized Testing Facts

Position on Testing

April 2, 2018

There has been some questions recently regarding our schools’ role in testing.  The simple truth is, standardized testing is part of our curriculum in the elementary, middle, and high school—an extension of the curriculum really as it helps us understand where student learning is occurring or needs shoring.  Pine River uses test data to assist in helping students succeed.  Period.  And, the testing is mandatory under current state law.  Ultimately, if Pine River Area Schools does not test its students, the District can face financial penalties and other sanctions. If your child is in school on testing day, then your child will be testing.  We run a program of public instruction as directed by the state of Michigan which includes assessment and grading.  In Michigan, those schools receiving public funding, per the MDE…“[schools] are required to participate in assessment to receive school aid funds.  Any student that is not assessed will count against the schools assessment participation rate.”

Part of our charge as a District is to implement and maintain the highest quality program of instruction possible for our community.  We need funding in order to accomplish this goal.  Please support our schools and our children.

Parents who do not wish for their child to participate in school programming on a given day should consider alternative placement for their student for that day as we cannot accommodate individual requests for “opting out” of standardized testing.  There is no “opt out” in the State of Michigan.