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Mrs. Stoll’s 4th Graders & Hamburger Assembly Line

As a part of their study of our market economy in social studies, the 4th grade participated in an assembly line. They have talked about how this improved efficiency and production and had two “factories” that created “hamburgers”. The jobs included patty placement, bun placement, health inspector, stock manager and delivery/transportation. The whole class learned that it is not always

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2nd Grade Dog Presentation

Cute, four legged, furry friends visited the elementary school on Friday, January 18th, All second grade students got to enjoy a presentation put on by the Riley MacKenzie Fund, an organization that assists stray and abandoned dogs throughout the state of Michigan. This organization has been volunteering their time to come to our school for many years, and we appreciate

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4th Annual 5th Grade Trade Fair

On Tuesday, December 18th, the entire 5th grade class participated in what is now an annual tradition; The Trade Fair. Students were able to combine what they’ve been learning about the bartering that took place between the colonists and the Native Americans, with the experience of creating their own crafts and wares. Trading these creations is always an exciting experience

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